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Shingle roofs of all kinds.

In Gatineau, Hull, Aylmer, Ottawa and in all the Outaouais region, COSSETTE ROOFING offers shingle installation services (on houses or businesses under construction) and replacement of shingle roofs.

We offer different types of shingles: architectural asphalt shingles (with limited lifetime warranty), cedar shingles, slate shingles, shingles made with recycled tires, as well as fiberglass shingles. Our company deals in particular with the shingle suppliers Convoy Supply, RoofMart and BP.

We will show you all the models and colors offered in terms of asphalt shingles and all other types of shingles. You will be spoiled by the choices to greatly transform the look of your home or business.

Shingles are among the most common roofing, particularly in residential areas. They are the right choice for many building owners, since there is a wide variety of shingles available on the market and they are often less expensive than other types of coverings. Cossette Roofing specializes in the renovation of residential and commercial roofing shingles.

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For a professional and long-lasting shingle roof installation or repair, contact COSSETTE ROOFING’s team at 819-777-7177. Our roofers travel to Gatineau, Hull, Aylmer, Ottawa, and all the Outaouais region for residential and commercial roofing installations or repairs.
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