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Elastomeric Membrane Ottawa Hull
Elastomeric Membrane Ottawa Hull

Installing an elastomeric membrane: Demand the experts.

A roof that will withstand the elements for decades

If you need to install an elastomeric membrane in the Ottawa or Hull region, the team at COSSETTE ROOFING possesses unmatched expertise. Our specialists have been renovating residential and commercial buildings since 2005. We also offer advantageous warranties and maintenance services, regardless of the season.

What is an elastomeric membrane?

In simple terms, an elastomeric membrane is a top layer made from bitumen, polymers, and fiberglass or polyester fibers. It is an advantageous option for those in need of optimal roofing. Although more expensive to install, its energy efficiency surpasses that of gravel coverings. Additionally, the elastomeric membrane is renowned for its impressive lifespan of approximately 35 to 40 years, making it a preferred choice for residents of Ottawa and Hull. These three municipalities have high environmental standards. Please note that the various products offered by manufacturers are all highly resistant to impacts and tears, making it easy to remove snow without compromising the integrity of your roof.

Once installed, an elastomeric membrane weighs approximately half as much as a gravel covering. The stress on the structure is therefore reduced. If your roof is already covered with bitumen, it is possible to install the new membrane directly on top. Renovations can be completed quickly in this case. You can even choose the color of your elastomeric membrane. A lighter color will naturally reflect the sun's heat in the summer. This is a significant advantage for residences as well as commercial spaces that need to maintain a comfortable temperature even during the hottest months.

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