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Headquartered in Gatineau, Cossette Roofing and Renovations has expertise and experience in installing and repairing roofs of all kinds. Year after year, our roofers improve the roofs of homes and businesses in the Outaouais. Our reputation is second to none and our roofers can realize all of your roofing projects, regardless of size.

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At Cossette Roofing and Renovations, all members of our team (roofers, etc.) have received ultraspecialized training in their field of expertise. In addition, they take fine-tuning courses each year to keep abreast of developments in the roofing world. Among other qualities, our team is known for its commitment to good workmanship and its respect for the customer's environment. Proud of their accomplishments, their results are both aesthetic and durable. At the same time, our roofers are concerned with issues of safety.

When you entrust your roofing projects to us, you are automatically backed up by conscientious, hardworking, and punctual experts. For work of the highest quality, don't hesitate to call the roofers at Cossette Roofing and Renovations.

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