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Elastomeric Membrane Clarence-Rockland
Elastomeric Membrane Clarence-Rockland

The Elastomeric Membrane Specialists in Clarence-Rockland.

Put an end to roofing problems!

Residents in the Clarence-Rockland region have been able to have elastomeric membrane installed by our team since 2005. Having all the necessary licenses, our roofing specialists are the best equipped to install this type of covering, whether it's for your home or a commercial property. It's a technology that is both durable and environmentally friendly, capable of meeting the highest environmental standards.

Elastomeric Membrane for Optimal Waterproofing

Due to its geographical location, the Clarence-Rockland region often experiences snowy winters and significant summer storms. These challenging weather conditions put your roof to the test, especially with frequent snow removal. Traditional gravel coverings have their limitations, and it's not uncommon for the roof's waterproofing to be compromised.

To ensure the waterproofing of your roof, elastomeric membrane is an excellent choice. These products consist of two layers. The base layer is made with polymers or carbon fiber, while the outer layer is similar but also reinforced with bitumen. In addition to being elastic and exceptionally lightweight, the elastomeric membrane is highly resistant to tears and damage from debris impacts.

Once the joints are welded with a torch or a long-lasting adhesive, your roof will be perfectly waterproof. If you choose a lighter color, your home will also be much more resistant to heat buildup during the summer. It's worth noting that the average lifespan of an elastomeric membrane is estimated at 35 to 40 years, a significant advantage that justifies the investment!

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