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Roof repair Ottawa
Roof repair Gatineau

Roof repair.

For a roof repair in Gatineau, Hull, Aylmer, Ottawa and all the Outaouais region, deal with experienced roofers who will offer you a personalized service at a great price.

The advantage of dealing with COSSETTE ROOFING is that our company has extensive expertise in roof repairs of all types. Whether you want to have your roof repaired in asphalt shingles, slate shingles, cedar shingles, metal, or to have repairs carried out on a flat roof in TPO membrane or in metal, we are the specialists to consult.

The roofers in our large team are well trained in the installation and repair of these different types of roofing materials. They will complete your roof repairs, whether small or large, with detail. Do not delay in asking for help from the experts at COSSETTE ROOFING.

Roof repair Aylmer

Complete Roof Repair.

The roof is an important protective barrier that must not be overlooked. Whatever the condition of your roof, our experts know what repairs are needed to avoid more serious roof problems in the future. Our roofing repairs include replacing a damaged covering, repairing the roof ventilation system, and much more.
COSSETTE ROOFING’s team will be able to conduct an inspection of your roof to determine what the causes of the problems encountered are. We will analyze the overall condition of your roof and determine whether targeted repairs are needed or if the entire roof needs to be replaced.
We will check whether the caulking joints around the roof fan, chimney, plumbing vent, kitchen hood or skylights are crumbling. We will re-caulk as needed.
If your roof fan is defective, we will install a new one. For commercial buildings, we will be able to check the efficiency of the fans present and determine if their number is sufficient for the area of the roof.
If shingles are missing, bent, crumbled or missing granules, we can replace them with new shingles. We will check if the waterproofing membrane that is located below (on the entire surface of the roof as well as on the edges of the roof) is torn. We will replace the torn parts as needed before laying down new shingles.
If the attic insulation obstructs the soffits or if the roof fan is defective, ventilation will be compromised and this could create mold or deterioration of the structural beams. Brown condensation spots will then form on your ceilings. We will be able to install Styrovents, which will prevent the insulation from blocking the soffits (soffits must allow air in and out of the airspace or attic). Our roofers will also be able to unclog the soffits or replace them if they are damaged.

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For a roof repair that will allow you to keep it functional and efficient, contact the COSSETTE ROOFING’s team at 819-777-7177. Our roofers travel to Gatineau, Hull, Aylmer, Ottawa, and all the Outaouais region for roof inspection, maintenance or repair.
You can also reach us by email at: to ask for your free quote.

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