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Emergency Roofing Ottawa

Emergency Roofing.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to keep our roof in good condition, it is not invincible. Sometimes it suffers significant damage caused by inclement weather or unforeseen events. In those cases, immediate assistance is needed to limit the extent of damage.

The experts at Cossette Roofing and Renovations are available to help you with any roofing emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact them at 819 777-7177 for any roofing emergency.

Emergency Roofing Services.

There are many causes of damage to a roof. In some cases, immediate repairs are required to avoid developing even more serious problems later on, including an irreparable roof. Before the condition of your roof gets worse, contact the emergency roofing team at Cossette Roofing and Renovations for help in addressing the following problems, among others:
Water Infiltration
Water infiltration is a common roofing problem. Occasionally, the infiltration is massive and requires quick repairs to prevent irreversible damage. Long, heavy rains often result in substantial amounts of water in the roof.
Damaged Structure
It is not easy to repair a roof whose structure is damaged. Whether it has been damaged by a fallen tree, lightning, or any other event, Cossette Roofing and Renovations will be on site as soon as possible.
Excess Snow
The accumulation of large amounts of snow on the roof can cause serious structural problems for a building. Big snowfalls can, among other things, cause roof support structures to break or to deform. It goes without saying that you should call our emergency roofing team if you suspect that your roof is in danger of collapsing.
Ice Dam Formation
In winter, ice often builds up in the eavestroughs. This prevents the water from draining and causes it instead to flow along the outer walls, inside the house. All roofs are at risk of developing ice dams, including new roofs. It is therefore important to prevent this problem by calling us to de-ice your roof.

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